Neal Cohen, PsyD, CBFC

“The matrix ninja”

Neal Cohen, PsyD (a.k.a. “The Matrix Ninja”) is the one and only adolescent life coach at EF Trainer. The Doctor’s specialty is working with individuals to strengthen their executive functions and their ability to self-regulate. Dr. Cohen uses a neuroscientific (brain-based) approach to optimal achievement built upon empirical research and clinical experience. Having encountered numerous young people performing below reasonable expectations, Dr. Cohen has spent the past two years of retirement researching underperformance. As the result of his research, in addition to his 20 plus years of clinical experience, Dr. Cohen has developed a comprehensive, integrated, scientific, personalized, and entertaining approach to optimal achievement and wellness through cognitive and physical training, as well as, the development of a functional mindset and facilitative skill sets for improved cognitive function and optimal wellness.

The goal of the program is to coach individuals on how to improve and maximize goal-directed behavior thus creating self-regulated learners with skills that are transferable to a wide variety of contexts.

Components to this unique training program includes:

  1. An assessment of self-regulation and underlying components..

  2. Physical training with kettlebells to help facilitate neurogenesis and to promote neuroplasticity.

  3. Brain training using a variety of empirically supported technologies personalized to each unique client. “Neurons that fire together, wire together” (Hebbs, 1949).

  4. The ACT Matrix for psychological flexibility, goal directed behavior, and valued living.

  5. Psycho-social education and monitoring of:

    • Diet

    • Sleep

    • Social affiliation

    • Brain function (particularly executive function and working memory).

The Matrix Ninja’s roots can be traced back to early career positions serving as a clinician treating severe mental illness over several decades. In retirement, while exploring the ACT Matrix, Dr. Cohen discovered his inner ninja. As the Matrix Ninja, Dr. Cohen shifted his focus to the realm of coaching and education.

Having observed over his illustrious career, the importance of brain function to behavior, Dr. Cohen’s achievements include lead roles in developing and launching brain-centered clinical programs, leading clinical teams, as well as, presenting novel brain-based programs both nationally and internationally to professional audiences. Throughout his career (see curriculum vitae), Dr. Cohen has placed the understanding of brain function as being of paramount importance to optimal function and living. Presently, the Matrix Ninja’s focus is on optimal health in all of life’s domains including school, home, the athletic field, work, and relationships.

Dr. Cohen earned his Bachelor’s of Art degree at Boston University, his Master’s at the Georgia School of Professional Psychology, and his Doctorate at Argosy University/Georgia School of Professional Psychology. Last, Dr. Cohen has held a Certification as a Relapse Prevention Specialist since 1995 when the roots of EF Trainer began to take hold.