EF Trainer
EF Trainer
Mindsets Plus Skill Sets for Optimal Achievement

EF Trainer is a program to address the following challenges faced by students in grades Jr. High through Graduate School:

  • Academic underperformance

  • Problems with attention and concentration

  • Difficulties managing emotions and behavior

  • Interpersonal challenges

  • Struggles to organize and/or plan for the future

  • Sedentary behavior

  • Over dependence on others

  • Excessive rumination

  • Problems with time management

  • Lack of direction

Problems like the above suggest a relative weakness in executive functions and/or self-regulation. EF Trainer is your solution.


Executive function and self-regulation skills are like an air traffic control system in the brain—they help us process information, make decisions, plan ahead, implement the plan, and monitor its efficacy. We need these skills at every stage of life, and while no one is born with them, we are all born with the potential to develop them. The question is how do we improve our executive functions and self-regulation? 

Neal Cohen, PsyD, a retired licensed mental health professsional, trains students in Jr. High School through grad school in the mindset and skill sets needed for improved executive function/self-regulation at home, in school, and on the playing field. His approach, EF Trainer, is personalized for each individual based on client needs. Behind the approach is over 20 years of clinical experience in the mental health/education field.

The goal of EF Trainer is to coach and train individuals on how to improve and maximize their executive functions and self-regulation. This forms the basis for the creation of self-regulated learners with skills that are transferable to a wide variety of contexts.


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